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ALP APPEAL | fascinating

Some claim they can hear the mountains beckoning. Some speak of the charm and grandeur of the Alps. But we simply admit to the fact that the Alps fascinate us in a very special way. They enchant us. High 4000m peaks inspire awe, cragged rock massifs and steep rock faces take our breath away, and the cheerfulness of the blooming mountain meadows simply fills us with joy.

In interpersonal relationships one speaks of sex appeal - and in regards to the mountain range we simply call this fascination ALP APPEAL. Sex appeal is in many instances an unconscious thing, almost natural. And it's also to do with the overall impression someone gives off. This overall impression of the Alps encompasses so much that we couldn’t help ourselves; we just had to create an alpine collection. Maloja dresses you for the Alps - but of course not only for the mountains, ALP APPEAL works wonderfully for the city, too.

Only the Alps seem to succeed in being idyllic, dangerous and grand all at the same time. Traditions are the solid foundation of the alpine region, and it's probably this feeling of rootedness that allows the people to risk keeping in step with the times. That is exactly what ALP APPEAL is designed to convey: a love of nature, tried and proven fabrics and details combined with modern cuts and functional materials.

So, allow the alpine fascination to dress you.


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