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2015 Ripcord Press Release-

A Real KIDS Mountain Bike

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Transition Bikes announces it's very first Kids Bike, the Ripcord
Ferndale, WA - May 6th, 2015 - Designed for use by an average size and age range of riders from 8 - 12 years old, this 24" wheel, 9 speed geared machine is ready to go out of the box without a single upgrade. Utilizing a 26" air sprung fork and a standard size rear air shock, offering 100mm of front and rear travel the suspension can be dialed in perfectly for lighter weight riders within this age range. With geometry complimentary to the quick progression of young riders, The Ripcord can be used as a neighborhood explorer but really shines when taken to the trails. Its 67 degree head tube angle and short 381mm chainstays make it a capable and nimble bike both climbing and descending. A simple 1 x 9 drivetrain is used to eliminate the complexity of learning double shifting, and an e*thirteen LG1 chain retention device assuring an optimum ride. 


"We wanted to build a kid's bike that provided the same killer riding experience as the rest of our line, and the last thing we wanted to do was create a product that required immediate upgrades due to sub-standard components. The young riders these days pick mountain biking up so quickly they can easily outgrow their equipment, and we wanted to be sure our bike was going to go the distance. The Ripcord is meant to do that and much more." - Transition Bikes Marketing manager Lars Sternberg


Parental testimony-


"It's been so cool to enjoy real trails with my son. The Ripcord's versatility enables us to go out and have fun together on real mountain bike trails, without compromise. I've been so pleasantly surprised to witness how the Ripcord immediately made my son a more confident rider. He hits jumps, drops, and rough sections now that he wouldn't have dreamed of before." - Matt Thompson / Momentum Trail Concepts


Rider testimony-


"It's a really fun bike, and that's what I like about it. I like riding downhill on it a lot a lot because I get to go really fast. It was the first time I went over a bunch of rocks and now it's actually kind of easy because I just pretend they don't exist. It was easy to figure out the gears and I climb hills a lot now and am getting used to the feeling. I like pedaling uphill and looking for a good downhill part where I can not pull the brakes at all and catch a lot of air!" - Cash Thompson
If you've got an aspiring young mountain biker in the house, and looking for a great bike that will provide them some of the best smiles per miles value then look no further, the Ripcord is here.


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